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Special Issue

Finance Research Letters

Submitters to the 2024 Annual Meeting have the option of having their paper additionally considered for a special issue of Finance Research Letters titled “Redefining the Future”, with a focus on research questions which provide insight into near and far term problems in finance. Papers selected for the special issue must be presented at the conference as part of their peer review process.


Guest Editors: Laura Gonzalez, California State University, Long Beach and Ivelina Pavlova-Stout, University of Houston – Clear Lake.

Submission: Submit papers to the conference using the following link:

  • Anonymous research papers should be in PDF format

  • Pay for submission

  • Edit Submission and check Yes for Consideration for Finance Research Letters Special Issue

  • The submitting author will be contacted in August with specific Special Issue submission instructions

Topics: The special issue topic is "Redefining the Future", which includes, but is not limited to, the following research areas:

  • The impact of high interest rates

  • Bank capital requirements and liquidity

  • Financial system stability

  • Fintech, shadow banking, and changes in banking competition

  • Artificial Intelligence and technology changes in financial services

  • AI-related risks in financial markets

  • Decentralized finance and crytpocurrency risks

  • Central bank digital currencies

  • Financial inclusion

  • Climate-related financial risk management

Contact: Dr. Laura Gonzalez, 2024 President


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